Dr. Fred Adams

Fred was raised in Omaha, Nebraska, in a non-Christian home. He became deaf at age one due to spinal meningitis. At fourteen Fred was at Bill Rice Ranch for the first time where he saw {heard} about the Gospel and Hell. He accepted Christ Jesus as his personal Saviour on July 25, 1974. In 1977, Fred attended Hammond Baptist High School and graduated in 1979. He began teaching Sunday School when he was seventeen years old. Fred surrendered on December 25, 1978, to God’s call to preach the Gospel to the deaf. After graduating high school, he went ot Tennessee Temple University for two years. Fred and Sherrie first met and become friends at Hammond Baptist High School. Then they met again at Tennessee Temple Schools and began dating. They were married on July 11, 1981. Fred transferred to Temple Deaf College, where he graduated in 1983. While in school, he became Evangelist on the weekends.


Bro. Fred was a full-time evangelist all over America for eleven years after graduation from Temple Deaf College.  Rev. Eugene Bordean, Rev. Bob Baker, Rev. Arlie Spargur, Rev. John Rohrer, and Rev. John Clark at Firestone Rd. Baptist Church ordained him in May 1987.

Bro. Fred founded a deaf church in Cincinnati, Ohio in September 1989.  They saw many deaf and hearing saved and life changed in 20 years.  God called Fred to move to Knoxville, Tennessee to start the Deaf church.  He resigned as pastor in Deaf Church in Cincinnati, Ohio in May 2009.  He founded Sword Deaf Baptist Church in Knoxville in June 2010.  He is the pastor of Sword Deaf Baptist Church in Clinton, TN.  He also helps others churches too start deaf ministries and find deaf pastors for them.  In Matthew 9:35-38, there are few deaf labors and many lost deaf in the fields that need the Gospel.  Bro. Fred’s desire is to reach deaf in the villages and cities and to see more deaf churches in America.

Bro. Fred founded Sword Deaf Bible College in September 1999 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  His desire is to see students trained to reach the deaf of the world for Christ.  Sword Deaf Bible College moved to Knoxville and changed to Sword Deaf Baptist College.

Bro. Fred’s ministry is for over 40 years.  Bro. Fred and Sherrie is a missionary to the deaf over 30 years.  They need a mission supports.  Bro. Fred speaks as well as signs his sermons in church services.  If you would like to have Bro. Fred in your church for a revival meeting, mission conference, preaching and signs his sermons in church services.  If you would like to have Bro. Fred in your church for a revival meeting, mission conference, preaching and singing with his hands or a challenge to your people about starting a deaf ministry or a deaf church, please contact him at Sword Deaf Ministries, PO Box 709, Andersonville, TN  37705.


Why Have a Deaf College?

*The deaf population in the world is over 300 million.

* The deaf population in the USA is over 30 million.

*If ALL the deaf people in the world were put into ONE country, it would be the THIRD largest country in the world.

*There are over 70 different  sign languages in the world.

*Only 2% of all the deaf are born again Christian.

*More than 1,500 deaf DIE daily.

*Over 2,100 deaf are born everyday.

*92% of deaf children have hearing parents who do NOT know sign language.

*The deaf population is growing everyday, but they have NO GOSPEL!

Who will reach then with the Gospel? Why NOT have a Deaf Church and College to reach them with the Gospel?


Mrs. Sherrie Adams

Sherrie was born deaf and raised in Canton, Ohio. She went to different kinds of churches while growing up. In April 1976 she went to Firestone Road Baptist Church at age 14. She was faithful to that church and involved in the youth activities. In 1977 she attended Hammond Baptist High School for one and one half years, and then transferred to Tennessee Temple High School, where she graduated in 1981. She had always thought she was saved. At age twelve, she had gone to a Christian camp, and one man prayed with her for forgiveness of sin. But during her senior year at Tennessee Temple High School, she realized she was not saved because she never asked for forgiveness herself. She accepted Christ Jesus on January 25, 1981.