College logoWe welcome you to the new site of Sword Deaf Baptist Ministries!  We are grateful for the wonderful work of the Lord among the deaf.  Our ministries are located just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee.  You are invited to come visit us, and see what God is doing.


  1. Wanda Vargas

    I’m deaf


    I would like to learn more of sign language. Do you have classes? I am a hearing nurse. Thank you. Adriana Olson 865-603-2889


    I said goodbye to you today at Providence Baptist Church in Coopertown, TN with a heart longing to be part of deaf ministries. While driving out of town in our RV, Ernie plugged in a recording of sermons from last summer’s North Idaho campmeeting. The MP3 file had been on our desk at home for many months – we kept meaning to listen to it all this time but didn’t take the opportunity until this trip. One preacher’s name was new to us. Lawrence Shillenburg gave his testimony of being born hearing to two deaf parents. What a Godly surprise to learn of his ministry only a few minutes after being inspired by YOU at the Missions Conference! Sweet, powerful timing, no? It caused an even deeper desire to go to the 2 month classes. Praying for God’s will in this, Judi Carlson.

  4. Jackie Gengler

    Hello! Great to see the website up and that the Lord is blessing with classes in full operation. Warm thoughts from Fairbanks, AK. Maybe someday will get to see you again. 🙂

  5. Are you still meeting at this location? I see that there hasn’t been any post for nearly two years. My family and I are hearing, but would love to visit. Thank you.


  6. I again learn more teacher love history
    though college

  7. I want learn bible history teacher

  8. Diana Moore

    My granddaughter would like to come for one of your free two month courses in ASL. Preferably in June/July as she is planning her wedding for September. She graduates from Massillon Baptist College in May 2017. I need information on that program. Will you email me at my email address below. Thank you.

  9. teresa cox

    I have called 4 times over the past 3 years and written to the provided emails and even texted and i have received 2 replies that said i would be contacted which i still have not had happen. I even filled out the form and handed it in at my church so i know it was received. i am only wanting to find out if i can still take the sign language class and perhaps become part of the staff to be able to actually use the skill and strengthen it while assisting the school. could someone please just answer me and help me know if this is just my chasing a dream that has no answer for.

    • Karen Wells

      Hi teresa,
      I just saw this website for first time. I am sorry you are having difficulty getting answers. Try contacting them through the sword deaf ministry facebook page. If you still have problems, contact me through facebook.

    • My husband works in computers. I wonder if they have been somehow locked out of their accounts, maybe a password loss or something. Hopefully they will get the issue solved and contact you soon. God bless! Hang in there 🙂

  10. Emmanuel Antwi

    Dear Sir,
    I wish, it a great honor to write to your company to school for Study Bible. I am a boy of twenty-eight (28) years of age. And have completed Senior High School for the Deaf, I want to be become an evangelists to save deaf people even interesting, complain for questions in the Bible then sponsor me to Study Bible, it would interest me if you could give me the opportunity to Study Bible with your company.
    I am very hard working, hospitable and a humble young man who obeys and follows instructions and obey the orders of my authorities. I am very time conscious and serve to God. I believe my request would be accepted.
    I am hoping to hear from your Sir.
    Thank you
    please email: antwiemmanuel835@gmail.com
    my name is Emmanuel Antwi (DEAF)

  11. am deaf in Philippines and am baptist

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